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New Member Experience

New Member Experience

Sigma Kappa New Member Experience

As members of Sigma Kappa, we try to make sure every New Member has the best experience possible!

The New Member period begins after accepting your bid followed by meeting the Vice President of New Member Education who will be your mentor as well as best friend throughout this experience and will teach you everything you need to know about Sigma Kappa before your initiation into our loved sorority. Every Sigma Kappa goes through the Promise Program, and every Sigma Kappa has a very unique and memorable experience. This seven week immersion program requires members to do three things, an online lesson in The Learning Center, a peer meeting with their assigned heart or big sister, and the new member meeting led by the VPNME that covers the material as outlined in the Promise for New Members Program Facilitator Guide. The VPNME led Promise meetings will occur once a week every week until initiation and the final meeting will conclude after initiation, these meetings typically last an hour or so.

Of course, one of the most memorable events during the new member period are the Shiny Pearl events, where our sisters hangout and bond with one another. In the past these events have been game nights and karaoke nights. These events serve as a way to introduce the new members to the sorority and allows them to meet all of our members. 

Another big part of the new member experience is getting to know your heart sisters by going on weekly dates. You might be wondering what a heart sister is. A heart sister is an initiated member of the sorority that is there to answer any questions and help guide the new member through their program week by week. A different heart sister will meet up with a new member each week and get to know on another more.

You will also look forward to getting to find your family through the big/little matching process, and of course getting Initiated into the sisterhood. Your big will serve as your role model, best friend, advisor, or anything you need her to be. She is there to help make your experience in Sigma Kappa the best it can be and to show you how to live by our motto and values. 

Below are a few testimonies from some of our newest initiates: 

  • “My new member experience felt so special. They made me feel like I belong there, like I was the perfect piece to their puzzle.” - Nala Keovoravong
  •  “I enjoyed my experience, it was new and different for me, but still a wonderful part of becoming a Sigma Kappa, and I made many new friends during my new member experience!”.  - Gloria Magaña 
  • “I was lucky to find Sigma Kappa.”  - Karen Lorenzo-Silverio

The truth is we were lucky to find her as well as the rest of our members! We believe empowered women empower women and foster this through our purpose statement “To provide lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities”.